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Zimmerman’s verdict

July 14, 2013

I drove to my friends house today, only the sound of the GPS interrupted my thoughts and accompanied my tears as I thought of George Zimmerman’s not guilty verdict in the killing of Trayvon Martin. 

There was a poignant post on my Facebook newsfeed earlier this week. What if Trayvon Martin was a white boy and George Zimmerman was a black male? 

“What if history was changed? Slavery reversed

Would black ladies see white boys and clench they purse?”

I don’t really have the words to explain my feelings on the verdict. I just feel empty. Between abortion regulation in Texas and Zimmerman’s verdict and the NSA spying on us, there’s just a big empty hole in my mind where rational thoughts used to live. It’s shameful. I’m just going to watch reality television for the rest of my life because real life is too fucked. 


P.S. U.S., I’m sorry my home state is dumb. 

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