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My goodbye to 1 Herald Plaza

May 16, 2013

The fact that I haven’t had the time to bid a proper adieu to 1 Herald Plaza is a testament to the greatness of The Miami Herald and its legacy of churning out hardworking newspaper folks.


1 Herald Plaza as seen from one of the city’s Metromovers. It was 2010 and I had a really bad Blackberry camera phone.

After learning the basics of reporting at Miami Dade College and Emerson College, it was the Miami Herald’s newsroom that welcomed me with arms wide open.

After countless of drives from Miami Beach to Downtown Miami, on the MacArthur Causeway, the Herald’s iconic building welcomes you from a day of beach-bumming to reality.

It was in May of 2010 that I, a bumbling intern, made it through its doors into its grandiose lobby. The memory is ingrained in my mind and that’s because the security guard who beckoned me through the metal detector noticed I was new.

“You’re a new intern,” he asked.

After I nodded and mumbled my hello, he said, “Don’t worry. You’re going to do great.”

I don’t know if I’m doing great. But I am a reporter. So there’s that.

Over the last few days, countless of posts on my Facebook news-feed are from Herald reporters posting their finals moments in the building, thoughtful accounts from past interns about how the paper has influenced them and silly photographs from current interns exploring the 750,000 square foot structure.

One of the Herald’s interns is heading to New York City for another internship. Of the summer interns I worked with three years ago, I know of six others who have spread out throughout the country to cover crime, city government and other beats.

Even though its move leaves me feeling kind of wistful, this is what I cling to. That’s the nature of the beast. Miami, as a burgeoning city, is changing. The news business is changing. But despite the changes, there are still amazing reporters typing away getting their stories out. And even if it was only three months, it makes me happy that I was a part of the Herald’s legacy and it was a part of me.

A big thank you (HUGE THANK YOU) to my Herald friends @Paradise_Afshar and @MelissaICaceres for getting a Herald souvenir for me.

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