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Music & Memories

February 24, 2013

Music is a powerful thing. The sound of a familiar song instantly triggers a reaction that pulls a long forgotten memory to the forefront of my brain. It replays itself in my mind until it causes me to laugh or cry because of its fleeting existence. Music is much stronger than scent for me.

I don’t know if it’s a curse or a gift. I’m a sucker for feelings and emotions and any happy memory can cause me to cry my life away.

Anyway, this got me thinking about all of the music that elicits this response in me. I’ve decided to list them in hopes that the next time I hear one, they will treat me kind.

1. The song that started it all: Temper Trap-Sweet Disposition

I recently road-tripped from Miami, Fla. to South Texas. My car doesn’t have a fancy connection for iPods or mp3 players. So, my little cousin, who rode with me, made us a bunch of mix CDs and included Temper Trap’s Sweet Disposition on it.

I still have a hard time listening to those CDs because they makes me miss my family so much.

2. The song that derailed my night. The Killers-All These Things That I’ve Done

Anyway, I was watching local band play, Vinyl Dharma, today and they covered this song and it took me back seven years. Holy shit, seven years. It’s been seven years since I was in high school. That just gave me the chills. I watched The Killers perform this song at the Hard Rock in Fort Lauderdale, Fla during their 2006 tour. It was a magical moment I got to spend with one of my friends, who will be coming to see me in two months! Love her.

3.  The song that makes me scream: Hawthorne Heights-Niki Fm

There’s a vivid memory tied to this one. I was a senior in high school and I was on my way to a party with a few friends in a car. We had a bottle of Malibu Coconut Rum and we were mixing drinks in the back seat because this was Miami. No one cared. This song came on and we just sang and screamed along to the chorus. I felt “infinite.”

4. The song I want to watch live again: Fall Out Boy-Saturday

Fall Out Boy. Oh man, Fall Out Boy… this won’t be the only Fall Out Boy song on this list. What can I say? Fall Out Boy was my world when I was a teenager. My cousin and I made sure we went to all of their shows. They were epic. This song reminds me of a show I watched at The University of Miami’s concert hall, which changes names more than I change underwear. We were right in front of Pete Wentz, and I’m certain he threw a guitar pick at me. I ditched the last few classes at school and jumped into my cousin’s car to make sure we had prime spots. It was perfect and amazing.

5. The song that we used to dance to-Fall Out Boy-Dance

Keeping with the tradition of the last song, Dance, Dance reminds of the times my friends and I would end up at a parking lot, loitering and doing all kinds of things we weren’t allowed to do. I mean, just watch the video. It screams of high school. We were too young to drink legally and we had no place to crash. So a lot of the time we would just end up in a parking lot talking shit. I hated it back then, but now I look back and those moments make me smile.

6. The song I still scream out during car rides: Taking Back Sunday-Make Damn Sure

There are way too many Taking Back Sundays that make me feel this way. If I included every single one of them, than this list would be infinite. Make Damn Sure takes me back to car rides with one of my good friends. We’d lower the windows and speed down 12th street in Miami. We’d sing along and scream our voices hoarse.

7. The song I secretly wish would play at every house party: MGMT- Electric Feel

The Electric Feel played at every single house party I went to while in school in Boston. The beginning of the song just makes you want to nod your head to the beat. I always have to shoot off a text to one of my roommates when this song plays now because it makes me smile. It makes me realize I’m a lucky person with beautiful people in my life.

8. The song we never got right: The Decemberists-Sons and Daughters

We used to drive around and try to sing this song in rounds. We were terrible. But it was hilarious. Hear all the bombs fade away!

9. The song that keeps me dreaming: The Used-The Taste of Ink

I went on a day trip to Salem with one my best friends in Boston. This song came on during the car ride home. I’ve always loved it. The Used was part of my blood during my first two years at Miami Dade College. But, I guess I had never really analyzed the lyrics, until he told me during our car ride that it was about The Used finally making it as a band and fulfilling their dream. It gave me hope at the time.

10. The song that makes me dance: Fruko y sus Tesos-El Preso

What kind of Hispanic would I be if I didn’t include some of my country’s music? I am a salsera. I learned how to dance Cuban Rueda during my sophomore year in high school and haven’t stopped since. This is a Colombian song, but it matches perfectly with la rueda. I absolutely adore this song. It’s my favorite salsa to dance to and it reminds me of learning with my friends. It’s so much fun. And it brings back memories of all of the quince parties I went to.

11. The song that reminds of a might out: Matt & Kim-Lessons Learned

There was this one night in Miami where I spent it dancing and drinking at Purdy Lounge, one of my most favorite grimiest bars in the world. Afterward, we got in the car and drove off. My friend had a bunch of indie songs on a CD and the first one that came on was either Daylight or Lessons Learned by Matt & Kim. We were all like ‘whoa, what is this?’ It was a fantastic night.

Anyway, there are so many more songs I could include in this list, but then it would never end. I only hope you’ve had the opportunity to makes some fantastic memories during your life. Also, I ran out of wine.


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