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Here comes the sun, said George Harrison

February 25, 2011

Photo credit: AP Images

It doesn’t take much to make me happy. Even when I think life is bleak all I have to is cross the hallway to Miriam‘s room and we will usually laugh until we’re crying and our bellies ache.

I’m the kind of person whose mood is tied to the changing of the weather. Today was a rainy, ugly day. But, I woke up in high spirits.

And the reason for my happiness is music.

Currently, if my headphones are locked in place, you can bet your ass I’m listening to Beatles music. I recently finished reading Geoffrey Emerick’s Here, There and Everywhere and it left me with a deeper fascination of the songs.

The book is about Emerick’s life as a young sound engineer bestowed with the chance to help shape the sound of The Beatles music.

CNN has a pretty good piece on the book and Emerick.

Anyway, the book brought me closer to the music and it’s cool to know how some of the songs came to be. Emerick was also present during the rocky points of their career, so if you’re interested in some of the bickering that went on, you’ll like it.

If you’re a Beatles fan, I highly recommend it.

Today is George Harrison’s birthday. Even though he is not my favorite Beatle (I can’t pick between John Lennon and Paul McCartney), he contributed some kick ass music toward the end of the band’s career. To celebrate his birthday, his website is streaming an old concert in his honor.

I was going to blog about racism, but it’s Friday and I was in the mood for something light-hearted and happy.

What can be happier than this song?

In honor of Harrison’s birthday I think everyone should be merry and enjoy their Friday night.

And for those in Boston, enjoy the beautiful snow.

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