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Busking and Below Zero Weather

February 7, 2011

It’s 15 degrees outside, but “it feels like 3.” When I go out, the latter is the number I’m checking for. It’s damn cold in Boston.

There’s slush everywhere and now that it’s a bit warmer at 40 degrees some of the snow will melt only to freeze over and turn into ice that makes me slip and slide everywhere.

On Friday, My roommate and I were waiting for a bus that never came. It takes almost 20 minutes to get home via the 86 instead of an hour via the subway. We waited in “feels like 3 degree” weather  for half an hour. It sucked. We gave up because the MBTA sucks and headed for the warm, dirty Harvard Square T station instead.

While waiting for the T to come we were treated to a performance by a busker. He was strumming his electric guitar to the tune of Pink Floyd songs.

One of the things I enjoy about Boston is the attitude, the attitude not to care what others think as well as the creativity.

Many times I’ve walked the steps leading to Faneuil Hall and Quincy Market and landed upon a crowd of people watching one of Boston’s street performers. It’s usually a fun and entertaining time. And it’s usually during the spring when the Public Gardens are alive with flowers and the sun is warming everyone up after a harsh and long winter.


Photo cred: Melissa Montoya

To my shock, buskers have moved their shows from the bitter cold to the warm insides of the MBTA’s moving trains. Let me clarify, it’s an assumption that these guys perform outside in the spring. But, I’ve searched Google and apparently they call themselves DBG or “Dancing Black Guys.”

Anyway, with their joking attitudes and their smooth moves they made one MBTA rider a lot happier.

Video was taken with my crappy Blackberry. Please excuse its crappiness.

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