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Entrepreneurship is the future of journalism

November 20, 2009

Marty Baron, editor of the Boston Globe told a group of Emerson College students that the future journalist not only needed to have drive and passion, but also needed to be an entreprenuer.

The journalism of years past is slowly dying. In order for it to survive in the future, journalists need to adapt, grow as the technology and venture out onto unforeseen territory.

This advice comes at the same time that Ebay founder Pierre Omidyar has announced he will start a local news source in Hawaii, according to Information Week. According to the article, Omidyar is delving into hyper-local news and hopes to cover Hawaii’s issues more in depth.

Ebay has been one of the most revolutionary inventions since the internet took hold of our attention. Omidyar proved then that he could create something revolutionary and hopefully he will do the same for the news.

Speaking of revitalizing the news, The New York Times is now focusing more coverage on the Chicago Area.

From A New York Times Company press release:

“This collaboration with the Chicago News Cooperative will allow us to expand our coverage of Chicago, supplementing our own work with sophisticated reporting by local journalists who have deep roots in the community,” said Bill Keller, executive editor of The Times.

The Detroit project by Time, inc. must have inspired The New York Times to try something new and hopefully gain other readers. The biggest difference is that the New York Times did not buy a house in Chicago. Unlike Time, inc. they have no stakes in the city they are covering.

Either way both companies are actively taking a part in where the future of journalism may lie. Both are creative ideas and prove that some news sources are proactively changing their future.

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