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Tweetering journos!

November 15, 2009

Ever since I started receiving Muckrack tweets to my phone, my life has been full of interesting and newsworthy updates.

Allow me to point you towards a story I thought would be really relevant to our class. I came upon it courtesy of Muchrack

It comes from Safety Net. In the blog, the writer is a fellow journalist who lost her job when the Seattle Post-Intelligencer closed it’s doors. It follows what has become of some of her ex co-workers and how they’ve dealt with “unemployment”.

Another interestling list of journalists using twitter can be found at Listorious. This list has compiled journalists and journalism experts who frequently tweet on the subject.

Media On Twitter also has a comprehensive list on journalists online. It offers potential followers a way to communicate with journalist. The list includes the media outlet the journalists work for.

Twitter is a good place to research. If I was an editor of a newsroom, I would expect my writers to know how to use Twitter for their own work, but I would also expect them to fact check everything that they find on there. I don’t think I would allow a tweet to become a primary source for an article. It just doesn’t seem responsible. This social tool should be used to get people to follow your news organization, but should not relied on for sourcing a story.

With that said, I would still want my writers to follow as many people as they deem informative. It’s just another fun and interesting way to stay connected to the community.

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