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Website woes?

November 8, 2009

When Professor Riley first announced that he wanted to compile all of our work throughout the semester and make a functioning website out of it, the idea first seemed worthwhile. I was excited because there was a possibility that people might read out material and be entertained by some of the things we were writing.

But, after the awesomeness wore off, I began to realize, just like I think most other classmates, that this would be a lot to undertake in such a short amount of time. I am a bigger fan of the idea of making one website that the entire class can contribute to.

I am also a fan of allowing people to work on what they want. This makes any kind of school work enjoyable. While, not all school work is supposed to be enjoyable, I think that it is important because it will be practice for whatever we want to accomplish in the future.

Regarding the website, we should hav widgets that will allow us to share some of our articles through social media. Having a twitter feed would be fantastic. But, not just a twitter feed, an actual active feed that is often updated.

I think catering the website to the Emerson would be a good idea, but eventually I would like for it to branch out.

The idea seems exciting. I hope we can put something together that shows how hard we have worked on these assignments to try to be creative. It reminds me a bit of Journalism Students’ Online News Services, except this has the benefits of being active, live and social.

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