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Net neutrality: the good, the bad and the ugly.

November 4, 2009

I was browsing through Google news for recent stories and issues arising out of the net neutrality debate.
(Sidenote:I have an affinity for fast flip, but for some reason it’s not updated as often).
I came across this interesting little piece from the East Texas Review about minorities and how net neutrality might impact their communities negatively.

This article was sandwiched in between others on their news section. However, when I read it, it seemed to be riddled with opinion and not very many quotes. I was inclined to check the about me section of the website and came up with some interesting quotes.

We focus on continuously publishing positive and
edifying news about people, places and business
in order to facilitate a positive change in
individuals, organizations, groups, the entire
East Texas community and global village.

Also something interesting…

Promote the interests of advertisers and sponsors
along their strategic interest for the betterment
of the community and beyond

Correct me if I’m wrong, but this doesn’t seem like something a respectable newspaper would commit to. Just thought I’d share.

In another opinion piece, which is found in the op-ed section is Mitchell Baker and John Lilly’s column in The Wall Street Journal. Baker is the chair and Lilly is the CEO of Mozilla. In the article they are in agreement that government regulation is beneficial because it will allow the internet to stay open which will also allow growth and innovation.

The Huffington Post published an interesting article on what could happen if net neutrality loses the debate. American Thinker published an article where it states that the government wants to take control of the internet. According to American Thinker, neutrality is code word for control in D.C.

It does seem a little bit inefficient to have the government make rules that would abolish the regulation of the internet by larger corporations. But it has to be done in order to make sure the internet continues to grow.

In a Save the Internet blog post, Clothilde Le Coz writes about how the European Union has decided to not support net neutrality. According to Le Coz, this will allow providers to steer users towards bigger sites while blogs, such as this one will be treated like second class internet citizens.

A good source on net neutrality source in on twitter @freepress. They have a continuous stream on news dealing with net neutrality.

I leave you with a video. It’s satire and not real news, but I found it humorous.

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