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too much, too litte.

November 2, 2009

The Reconstruction of Journalism, a report published by the Columbia School of Journalism, did not offer many solutions on what should be done to “reconstruct” journalism. Although, very informative; it was mostly about the history of journalism and hardly offered any solutions.

There is a section where the report talks about journalism and the blogosphere. The report maintains that journalistic blogs are not detrimental to news organizations, but are more likely to offer a symbiotic relationship between the two. This is an interesting way of describing this relationship, because like the report states, most people believe that blogs may replace news organizations in the future.

In a tweet by @thefutureofnews they said, “Wanted: Less rhetoric, more critical thinking about ‘The Reconstruction of American Journalism,'” which seems to be absolutely right.

The report offers few ways of helping the field of journalism. It says newspapers should be converted into non-profits and have as little governmental funding as possible. It also states that private donors could possible offer financial backing where there isn’t any. Another idea thrown around by the report is that newspapers should fund raise and not be too dependent on advertisement revenue.

These ideas seem elementary and at 100 pages long, the report should have been more substantial.

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