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Senate debate.

October 28, 2009

Having been in class while the debates were going on I found that WBUR and their live blogging was very interesting and a good way of catching up on what went on during the debates.The stream shows a consistent conversation and allowed viewers to get in on the action by posting their own comments. As far as getting an idea of what the candidates were actually debating about was a bit harder to understand. The comments were more about appearance, the way the candidates presented themselves and their tone in answering questions.

Another thing that WBUR did was fact-check some of the statements that seemed a little bit bizarre. There fact-check piece led to some estimates that candidates seemed to have exaggerated on or underestimated.

The day after, NECN had Dan Payne, a political anaylist, on and were trying to figure out who came ahead. Payne said that Coakley did well because she had so much to lose. Payne said in the end it might all be name recognition amongst democrat voters.

Alison King had an interesting segment on NECN where she spoke to the candidates about how they believed they had done on the debate. Martha Coakley said she believed she had been strong and answered the questions. Pagliuca said he can get things done.

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