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October 26, 2009

Both WBUR and WGBH are both NPR affiliates. The biggest difference between the two websites is that WBUR looks more like a newspaper than WGBH. The layout looks more like a newspaper. The stories are organized in columns with a news lede and headline leading to the actual article. The look of WGBH is more interactive. The layout is a lot more enticing to the eyes, but at the same time might have too much going on.

WGBH acts more like a public service than WBUR does. WBUR has headlines all over the page and it seems like more of a news service than WGBH. On the WGBH homepage there is a banner with links that read, “Watch, learn, listen, support, impact & community”. WGBH also seems more connected to the Boston community than WBUR.

WGBH is a “learning about the world” site and WBUR is a news site. This is the greatest difference between the both. WBUR offers audience a lot more to read and WGBH had videos and audio files to listen to.

WBUR does social media better than WGBH. They both allow subscribers and the public to comment on videos and stories, but WBUR has links to Twitter and a Facebook page. Both of these links were a bit hard to find, but on WGBH I didn’t find any at all. WBUR’s twitter feed is continuously updated.

On WBUR you can search by byline, not so much on WGBH. WGBH gives results based on subject.

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