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October 23, 2009

I remember when being on myspace was cool. How things have changed. The cool thing to do now is be on twitter.

Musicians, writers, politicians, celebrities are just a few of the people that have cultivated followings on twitter. Journalists are also among those reaping the benefits of twitter.

Don Lemon, a CNN broadcaster, does a good job using twitter. He updates often about news he is covering and asks his followers to send him @replies with their opinions. Although when is updates it is often, sometimes there will be a period of 2 days without any tweets.

Another journalist to follow is @Jay Rosen_NYU. He updates often and shares links about journalism stories that are developing. He has also posted a list on Twitter about 15 journalists to follow.

He follows Mark Scott of ABC. I’m not familiar with many of the other people he follows, but all of their updates were journalism related which is pretty cool.

Tweetdeck is a useful tool to make sure you aren’t missing anything in the world of social media. It does a good job of organizing everything. Unlike Twitter’s usual feel, it is easy to know when you have been mentioned on a tweet.

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