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October 21, 2009 is the Federal Communications Commission website about net neutrality and what they’re doing to make sure the internet remains open. The website itself is not very impressive. In its defense they are still running in Beta version. Hopefully when it is released, it will have improved. They have a section to “join the discussion”. All it is, is an area where people can’t post comments about the debate. Hopefully, once the website is finished it will have a section where news about net neutrality can be posted.

In other net neutrality news, Comcast CEO Brian Roberts doesn’t really understand what net neutrality is about. He believes net neutrality has to be better defined, from a story posted on Information Week. He says, that if after the deliberations he likes what he hears, Comcast will sign on like other companies that have.

In an interesting article from PC World, some conservative house democrats and minorities have raised questions on the FCC’s effort for net neutrality. Seventy-two house democrats are echoing Senate Republican concerns about net neutrality slowing down investments in broadband. Meanwhile, minorities are concerned with lack of investments there being limited funding to get internet to populations that are the most behind in technology. According to the article, both groups have recently sent letters to the FCC to make them aware.

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