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Local political bloggers and social media

October 19, 2009

Media Nation is run by Dan Kennedy. The blog is an assortment of opinions about politics, some local and some national and the future of journalism. While the actual blog links to other stories and articles it isn’t too eye-catching. However, he links to his social media tools and his twitter account does not disappoint. He has a long list of tweets that all range from an hour ago. He is active on it and he responds to those who tweet him. Even though his twitter is superb, his facebook on the other hand is not. He linked to his private account. I would assume that as a semi-public figure he might have another facebook page? In order for me to view his profile I need to add him which defeats the purpose of linking to it. His flickr accound has pictures that were uploaded yesterday which means he is actve as well.

The Boston Phoenix’s Don’t Quote Me blog is an attention grabber, but it hasn’t been updated since the 15th of October. This could be a problem if they want to stay ahead of the game. Unfortunately, though I enjoy the layout they don’t have the stamina to keep up. Their Twitter feed only includes posted stories. There isn’t any banter between readers and writers on it. However, it’s not as bad as their facebook. The link leads you to a “page not found” error. Someone should check on that. They have a myspace link, which is kind of unique because no one really uses that anymore, including the Boston Phoenix… there last update was January 2009.

Blue Mass Group‘s page is a bit odd. I was able to look at their content after I was prompted to sign into my twitter or something of that sort. It doesn’t link to any outside media, but the website itself has a lot of comments posted.

Hub Politics has a twitter feed on their page. It seems to be updated about once a day, which isn’t that much. There isn’t much interaction on this website through comments either.

Universal Hub is interactive. A lot of commenting goes on on this site. It was also last updated today which is fairly recent. The blog itself isn’t only political. It offers posts on topics about everything Boston which makes it a more interesting. Their twitter feed is updated, but they link to their stories and not much else. They also have an RSS feed and a Flickr page.

The Political Intelligence blog on The Boston Globe is a good source of stories. It is updated often, but has no supplementary Twitter account. It uses the regular Twitter account. There isn’t much interconnectivity between its followers on Twitter and itself.

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