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October 16, 2009

Truthdig’s article on the Trafigura incident wasn’t overwhelmingly extensive. It gave a brief summary of what happened in Africa and then linked to a story by The Guardian.

The Guardian has done the best job at covering this ongoing story. In this article it summarizes what Trafigura has been accused of, its attacks on publications and the ongoing fight between them and the media. It continues to update on the situation, informing its readers. According to this article, Trafigura is busy threatening any publication with gag orders to a point of hilarity.

The way Twitter users unraveled this story shows exactly the power it holds. It was capable of unmasking a very controversial secret. Some may say that twitter is a waste of time, but I think it is a valuable tool that journalist should be connected to. In the past couple of months they have broken newsworthy stories. This was citizen journalism at its best.

This article from the Guardian is about users online who rallied to figure out what corporation was ordering the gag. The article says it only took them 42 minutes.

While the Guardian does a good job of reporting the controversy, the BBC does an even better job at reporting the legal details.

This news story has not been covered in the U.S. It isn’t unusual for American press to underestimate the importance from around the world, but I haven’t seen one article from a major publication concerning Trafigura and its fight against journalism.

The Huffington Post has a brief article summarizing the controversy, but not much else. However, it still has more than The New York Times. It also has a very interesting graphic highlighting the trend in Twitter while news was breaking.

The blogosphere has one up on traditional media on this round. Not only are they actually covering the event, but they also helped traditional media beat the gag. This story shows how helpful new media will be in the future and it also shows big corporations that secrets are now very hard to keep.

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