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Net neutrality, big issue or not?

October 14, 2009

In an Article by Fierce Wireless, it said that the eighteen Republican senators are asking the FCC to postpone their votes on the new rules for net neutrality. The senators wrote to FCC Chairman, Julius Genachowski and explained their concerns: it seemed that this push for more rules is only due to speculation and is “outcome-driven”.

What seems like a breath of fresh air, CEO of Cellular South, Hu Meena, has come out and spoken to the Washington Post against AT&T and other phone companies. He said his company has prepared themselves in case something like this were to occur. Meena said he wants what is best for the customers. In a world where other wireless companies are trying to defeat net neutrality rules, Meena stands apart. He said he is tired of the monopoly companies like AT&T and Verizon Wireless have created.

In an opinions piece from The Wall Street Journal, Holman W. Jenkins, Jr. states that Genachowski’s panic over net neutrality is unfounded. Instead, Jenkins writes the focus should be maintaining a steady price for all wireless packages, because if not consumers might be charged for the amount of usage.

In other news, AT&T is once again cracking down on Google Voice, telling the FCC that Google is in violation of net neutrality guidelines writes the Washington Post. According to the article, the FCC is paying attention, launching into a review of the the Google service. AT&T claims that Google Voice blocks calls to various phone numbers.

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