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Julius Genachowski and net neutrality on NPR

October 10, 2009

From NPR’s article on Julius Genachowski at the Brookings Institution:
“The Federal Communications Commission should adopt standards that mandate an Internet that is accessible to everyone on the same terms with no legal content blocked, Chairman Julius Genachowski said Monday.”

What I think: I do not like the way the sentence is contructed. When I first read it I feel as if NPR is giving me their personal opinion. It isn’t until the second read that I realize it’s what Genachowski said.

From NPR’s broadcast piece:
“Julius Genachowski’s speech at the Brookings Institution was the telecommunications equivalent of a nightstick rattling across the railing.”

What I think:This is a terrible lead. It tells me nothing about what Genachowski spoke about.

From Los Angeles Times’ artcle:
“The chairman of the Federal Communications Commission today called for more aggressive action to keep online traffic moving freely, proposing two new government policies to prevent telecommunications companies from restricting websites and other services on the Internet.”

What I think: This is a much more suitable lead. It gives me a basis for what was covered at the Brookings Institution and also provides an outline of what was discussed.

My own lead:
Federal Communications Commission Chairman, Julius Genachowski, proposed stronger rules for an open internet affecting wireless providers at the Brookings institution.

NPR’s links that help illuminate this story all link to past NPR stories about this same subject. This works well because it keeps readers navigating through their own site, which means more traffic. It’s a good way of giving reader’s information on the subject, while helping themselves out.

Three outside links:
I Heart the New FCC Chairman
from Slate

FCC Stirs Old Debate on ‘Net Neutrality’ from BusinessWeek

FCC Takes Sides In Net-Neutrality Debate from The Washington Post

Comment from the NPR story
darryl lewis (unibummer) wrote:
Down with comcast! They are a merciless mega-monopoly who profit off the supression of technology!

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