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Truthdig: Good interaction, but with a lot of opinion

October 2, 2009


I can’t tell whether is a news site or a place where columnists go to spout their opinions. I was looking for an about section, but only came upon it in the section asking for donations. The website does have many excellent writers so that is a plus.

However, maybe it’s because so many of my past professors have instilled in me the idea that journalist should never wear their opinion on their sleeves that I’m not incredibly fond of what I have read so far. There is sound reporting coming out of truthdig, but with it, a lot of opinion.

In a story by Joe Conason about the Senate the line between factual reporting and opinion is blurred. He writes about how the Senate really has no idea what they are talking about during the debates for health care reform.

After class on wednesday, I thought a lot about The Washington Post and Reporter Raju Narisetti. As a journalist, the public believes what you have to say. The public is very easily swayed by other’s opinions. People might not take his opinions to lightly and believe in what he believes. I don’t think it was proper for him to post what he posted. He could have done so under another alias, one where people don’t know he is affiliated with news in any way.

Aside from this, the website seems like it is often updated and easy to surf through. I also like the fact that they don’t only focus on hard news. They have a very vast Arts and Culture section for those that are looking for a break from hard news. For example, they have a couple of stories featuring Michael Moore’s new film Capitalism: A Love Story on the front page. While it isn’t hard news; it also isn’t silly news about Paris Hilton or The Kardashians. Seems that on this issue, Truthdig did find a balance.

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