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September 29, 2009

A bit has changed since the last post about the Massachusetts Senate race. Two new candidates have been introduced to the fray. Canton Selectman Robert Burr as well as state Senator Scott Brown, both of them Republicans, both of them will little chance of winning.

E.J. Dionne Jr. of The Washington Post writes in an op-ed piece, “There are two Republicans in the Senate race, but they have as much of a chance as a Yankee fan does of emerging unscathed from a bar fight near Fenway Park.”

According to Dionne, the last republican from Massachusetts to hold a seat in the Senate was Ed Brooke in 1972.

The Canton Wicked Local did a good job of introducing republican candidate, Robert Burr. In the article, Burr calls himself, “a new kind of Republican.” According to Wicked Local, he believes in the private sector. According to the article, Burr said, “he has a true grasp on the reality of street-level America,” unlike Congress.

With the new additions to the competition, publications and websites insist money will be the deciding factor of the election. WCVB-TV is reporting that since all of the candidates are running on similar platforms the difference in the game might come down to who has the most money.

Bob Oakes of WBUR says that even though Stephen Pagliuca can afford pay for his entire campaign he is still unknown to voters. It could take voters longer than two months to get to know him which might have a very negative impact on his chances.

Republican analyst Todd Domke believes Attorney General Martha Coakley needs a better platform than just being a woman and that this is where Rep. Michael Capuano has her at a disadvantage.

Democratic political analyst Dan Payne says there is a rumor that former Rep. Joseph Kennedy might endorse Capuano. The Kennedys have yet to confirm this rumor. If this happens he might have greater chances of winning.

This special election will be held on a National stage while everyone is watching, waiting with bated breath to see if Senate democrats can hold on to their fillibuster-proof majority. There is still a long way to go in this very brief election.
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