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Net Neutrality and National News

September 26, 2009

The Boston Globe published an article about Net neutrality that made the topic much more understandable.

The FCC wants to make sure that companies are incapable of managing the kind of information that travels through the internet wires. Comcast has already been charged with keeping customers from using Bit Torrent.

Aside from The Boston Globe article, The Huffington Post seems like it will be a relevant news source to follow for net neutrality stories. Timothy Carr, the campaign director of Free Press and, writes about net neutrality on the huffington post and does a good job of keeping its readers informed.

Moving away from net neutrality…

Recently there’s been a surge in hate crime and racism in the country. People believed that because we elected America’s first black president we were now living in a post-racial America. However, in the past couple of weeks this doesn’t seem to be the reality. It would be interesting to follow this topic and to pay attention to trends. We can figure out who racism seems to be affecting the most and where it is more common.

If this doesn’t keep us preoccupied than we could follow a softer side of news. We can see what the country and individual states are doing as a whole to help the environment. We can also follow and observe any governmental action that takes place. This was a huge part of President Obama’s agenda when he was running for election and it’s a subject that will be prominent in the coming months.


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