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Online sites to watch

September 24, 2009

On a regular day my internet browser probably has five tabs open. Today is a hectic day. Today there are twelve tabs open on my browser.

I’ve been searching through many news aggregators and online news sources to see which offer the most variety and which I would be interested in following.

I’ve chosen a few that seem reliable and interesting at the same time. When I am in a in the mood to be bombarded with multiple headlines I head over to Newser, a visual aggregator. To some people the flood of news everywhere and different graphics might become overwhelming, while to others it might just what is needed to keep someone interested. Newser has some cool features. It offers the reader a summary about an artcile and if the reader becomes interested enough it links directly to the source it is originally from.

For a more serious source of news I check out Politico. The interface is simple and it isn’t overcrowded like other news sites. Politico has a good amount of white space and is very user friendly.

If print doesn’t get its act together these online news sites will be the next generation of journalism. Already Politico, Politico, Politico, The Huffington Post, The Atlantic have a acquired massive online followings by offering well written news reports and editorials.

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