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Newspapers and new media

September 20, 2009

Considering that I was a bit puzzled when I was trying to log in to blog today I can considerably understand why newspapers have managed to stay relevant for so long. Mind you, I am a child of new media so this is supposed to be cake.

While older generations maintain a faithful relationship to their newspaper, today’s youth is everyday finding new methods to connect to the world around us. Message boards, Myspace, Facebook, and now Twitter all lend themselves to conversations about media through media.

When I was growing up my parents subscribed to one daily–El Nuevo Herald, The Miami Herald’s spanish counterpart. Since it was in spanish, I wasn’t really attracted to it (a decision I greatly regret). To be honest, I wasn’t a news-head until I finally decided it’s what I wanted to do with my life. It just wasn’t convenient. Miami didn’t have a free Metro section like Boston offers. So as a kid, all of my pocket change was going towards deliciously baked cookies at school.

It wasn’t until the internet started giving away its wonderful freebie information that I somewhat started learning about news around the world. Today, I consistently surf through The New York Times as well as the The Globe’s online counterparts. I also enjoy going onto CNN‘s website because they have a list of latest news and it is continuously updated.

Things are even more fantastic now since I gave into the Twitter trend. I follow all of the main newssites and have their updates sent to my phone. I can’t actively read the links because my phone is from the middle ages, but whenever there is a headline that catches my attention I log onto a computer and read it there. It acts as my personal aggregator. It’s the best thing since sliced bread.

One thing is for sure, as long as humanity lives on, news will be a part of our lives. Whether its the feeling of paper between our fingers or the reason we all need eyeglasses, news will always be around.

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